No guarantor loans could be the best deal for you if you are looking for instant loan and you don't have any guarantor or you don't want to involve others into your financial matter.

  • Loan without guarantor.
  • Get an instant quote
  • Any purpose personal loans
  • We accept all types of credit excellent to worst
  • Completely online application to save your time
  • Comfortable repayment schedule up to 5 years
  • We charge lowest interest rate
  • Get loan without paying any upfront fees
  • We do accept employed, self-employed, retired and people on benefits
no guarantor loans

What is a loan without any guarantor?

  When you need an emergent loan for any purpose, you have to find a special loan that does not require so many conditions. Today, you can apply for this kind of a loan with Loans Direct which is commonly called "no guarantor loan". You can get a fast unsecured loan very quickly if you really need it. If you live in the UK, then you may browse our site to find no guarantor loan offer.
  What are actually loans without any guarantor? Basically, when you want to get a loan from a lender without any guarantor, you do not need to follow a complicated process. You only need to apply for the loan and then you get the money on the same day. Usually, this kind of loan has a short period of time.
  Anyway, what are the benefits of loans without any guarantor for a debtor? If you need an emergent loan, this no guarantor loan is the best choice because you can get off the load as soon as possible and the process is not too complicated. Once you apply for the loan, our supportive advisors will process it on the same day and will disburse the money in a few hours.
  Though it offers benefits, no guarantor loans also have some disadvantages. In this case, when you get this loan, you may pay a higher interest rate as compared to guarantor loans in each month. It means that you may not take this loan offer if you are not in an urgent situation because there is still a secured loan or guarantor loan option that can be the best choice with the lowest rate of interest.
  Still, when you want to get this no guarantor loan, you need to make sure that you have a job. Our team will check if you really have a good job that can repay the loan for one year. If not, you may not get approved.

What if you have a bad credit history?

  We do bad credit loans but it will be better if you have a good credit history. If you have never got a loan before, then it may be alright. As long as you have a good job and you settle in the city, you will get this loan as soon as possible.

Can I get a loan without a guarantor?

 Getting a loan without having any guarantor is possible now. We offer no guarantor loans for such situation and you can get loan up-to £ 20000.

Do you need a guarantor for a loan?

 If you are looking for a big loan amount more than 20000 you required a guarantor who assured to repay the loan in case you failed to pay.

Can you be a guarantor with bad credit?

 We prefer a guarantor with good credit record but we can consider a guarantor with bad credit record if the person has a stable income source or a homeowner.

What do you need to be a guarantor for a loan?

 The guarantor should sign credit agreement and he should agree to repay the loan in case the main borrower failed to pay full loan amount with interest.

Who can qualify to be a guarantor?

 The guarantor could be your friend, family member or any relative who can assure that he will pay if you failed. Homeowner ant tenant both are ok, age should be 18 to 70 years.

Can you stop being a guarantor?

 Until loan paid fully you cant be opt out of the agreement. once loan paid completely the agreement will be terminated automatically.

How much I can get if I don't have any guarantor?

 You can borrow up to £20000 without having any guarantor.

I am 21 years old and unemployed, can I get a loan?

 The first required eligibility for this non guarantor loan is a steady source of income to repay this loan on time. Unfortunately, we do not offer and unemployed loans. You must be employed, self-employed or retired to get this loan, we also consider people who are getting state benefits or other benefits.
Our age criteria are 18 to 65 years.

Do you offer guaranteed loans?

 Yes, we do offer guaranteed loans if you match our criteria like stable source of income, age is between 18 to 65 years, resident of the United Kingdom, have a valid bank account etc.

What if I need bigger loan amount?

 You need a guarantor if you are looking loan more than £20000. Also, you can apply for secured loan or logbook loan.

What is very bad credit loan?

 Very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker is the best option to improve your credit score. Using this loan you can pay off all other unmanaged unsecured debts and bills to improve your credit score.

With bad credit records what options I have? How much I can borrow?

 Loan is depend on your repayment capability, we approve loan amount according to your monthly incoming and expenses. Apply online loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees instant decision.

 Relatively Unsecured personal loans bad credit no guarantor could cost you more, but this type of loan easily available and very quickly you would have fund to manage your requirements. Such loans offered for the UK citizens only.