We receive thousands of loan applications every day and our team of friendly advisors effort very hard to approve almost all of them, and because of our highest approval rate its guaranteed loans for everyone.

We Offer Guaranteed Loans within Our Criteria
  Our guaranteed loans are here to get an end to all your immediate financial worries. To be eligible and qualify for our loans, you just have to meet our set of criteria.

  A borrower must be of right age. You also need to provide some proof that you will be able to repay the loan. This is best done by giving out information on your employment history. Take note that only those who have a regular job will be eligible for our guaranteed loans. You will also be required to provide a proof of   your permanent residence. You also need to have a valid, active, and regular checking account where the amount of your loan will be deposited in.
  After you have met our basic guaranteed loan qualification conditions, the amount of money you requested is going to be deposited to your checking account within several hours after your application has been approved.

  Our loan products have been especially made for employed people who find themselves wrapped in financial woes before the end of the month. The main benefit of applying for our guaranteed loans is that whatever happens, you can be sure that your loan request will be approved as fast as possible.

Contact us today for your guaranteed unsecured loans !

  • Online application and instant approval without any credit check.
  • Highest success rate means guaranteed loan within criteria.
  • No obligation free quotation.
  • Unsecured loans for any purpose.
  • Very bad credit also considered.
  • Loan without guarantor.
  • Choose easy repayment schedule.
  • You can get lowest APR rate by comparing quotes
  • No upfront fees, no advance broker charges, no advance instalment
  • People on benefits and self-employed are also considered

Guaranteed no guarantor loans are product designed for individuals who badly need cash, but do not have any property or asset that could serve as surety or mortgage or use as collateral. You can get guaranteed personal loans if you are UK citizen, have a steady monthly income and match other criteria, so simply fill our small form and get your loan today without paying any upfront processing fees!

One may want to pay off his/her debts, refinance one's loan, one may source house improvement project, or one may even wish to go for a vacation, a personal loan is the good option that can help in such needs. The loan can be taken out for the longer period of time which will help to make monthly payments smaller.

You can reduce the rate of interest you pay on high-APR store cards, credit cards, loans and overdrafts by switching them all into a lower-APR consolidation loan.

I have very bad credit record can I get loan?

Yes we do offer very bad credit loans, without guarantor or any broker fees, you should employed with minimum earning of £800 per month, so don't wait and apply online guaranteed loans.

I am tenant, Am I eligible for unsecured loans with bad credit?
At Loans Direct, we accept tenants, non-homeowners, paying guests, people without any reference or guarantor and with bad credit history. Get your personal loan and help yourself come out of your financial difficulties.

Are you living on rent? Are you a paying guest? You do not own a property or any valuable asset to take a loan? Do you have bad credit? Are you facing manageable or serious financial troubles? Are you going through a monetary crisis? Do you think you cannot find any credit, cash for your emergency needs, simply because you do not own a property or any valuables to show as the collateral?

There's absolutely no need to feel sorry for yourself! No need to be anxious. Our aim is to make your difficulties a lot easier by providing you alternative means of finance, other than the secured loans.

At Loans Direct, we understand the realistic scenarios the tenants or the non-homeowners face, particularly the ones with poor credit history. They often get tagged as unreliable borrowers and find it hard to access any additional financial comfort in the form of loans or short-term cash advances. We do not care if you don't own a property, you live with your parents, partner or you are simply a tenant. We have just the right kind of loan for you.

We understand that being a tenant, without your own property or any valuables to provide, it could be a troublesome task to get a loan or even small amount of instant cash. Non-homeowners may be without their own home, but just like most residents, they are not immune to rising inflation or unexpected emergencies.

Such situations demand an instant solution or instant cash advance, but many tenants find themselves in no position to apply for secured loans. Poor credit history makes customers believe that they would never get any help. Things have now changed! If you do not own the property, and you have got bad credit, we can still arrange your desired amount. These unsecured, loans are generally short-term loans and are meant to bail you out of tough situations.

Why should you go for a short-term non-homeowner loan, designed for people with poor or very poor credit history?

» We don’t ask for any security or valuables. In order to get your desired amount, you don't need a guarantor.
» We have carefully structured tenant loans for non-homeowners, tenants and paying guests with less than perfect credit history.
» We offer flexible terms, conditions and quick approvals.
» We guarantee you that an instant, unsecured personal loan can be arranged for up to 25000 pounds or more within few minutes and credited the same day in your bank account after approval.
» Fixed interest rates and flexible repayment options for up to 10 years or more.

Go ahead! Shed your inhibitions and ask for bad credit loan to meet your urgent, unavoidable, emergency cash needs. You can use it for paying your household bills, medical bills, bank overdrafts, taxes, monthly rents, car repair expenses, etc. Please remember, our tenant loans not only help you in improving your financial condition, but your timely repayments also help you in enhancing your credit scores. We have an extremely high acceptance rate. You are guaranteed to get the best interest rates. Apply now!