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When you're face-to-face with an unanticipated expense or a bigger-than-awaited bill, you need money fast. Many people go online looking for various types of short-term loans. A number of websites who are either direct lenders or lead providers appear. How then do you decide whom to apply to? It's commonly seen that dealing with a broker is more time-consuming and tedious than with payday loans direct lenders. It’s not worth the waiting and hassle for a small amount of loan with neither collateral nor guarantor.

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Why Should I Approach A Direct Lender?

There are two types of organizations that provide access to emergency funding in the UK- loans direct lenders and loan brokers. There’s no third-party involved in between if you apply with direct lenders. Any communication takes place only between the borrower and a customer representative of the lender. You also make repayments directly to the lender who helps you out on your financial journey. Loan Broker show little interest in the follow-up process once they’ve matched you with a lender. They might also charge broker fees for this service. Wisdom Financial is trustworthy, responsible and friendly lender to give you cash when you need it the most.

What Types of Loans Can I Get From Direct Lenders?

To talk about loans that run for a short duration, there are two broad types: payday loans and unsecured loans. Inspite of both being unsecured forms of lending, direct lenders don't usually require you to attach a collateral or guarantor. Ask yourself: "What are the three critical factors that I need in my loan?” Are you looking for no guarantor loans from direct lenders? Or perhaps you're looking for the cheapest deals on the market? You should always borrow from a widely-trusted loans direct lender like us who will assist if your repayment plans don't go as planned. No doubt, we're the right fit for you as a direct lender!

How Do Loans Direct From Lenders Work?

A direct lender is a financial institution having an FCA license. Usually, they have more-than-adequate funds to lend to you from their pocket. The loan process consists of just 3 simple steps: Application, Decision and Funding. Firstly, filling out our online application takes less than 2 minutes. We use the latest technology and software for our decision-making that enables superfast approval. Note that we'll go through your credit report though it might not greatly affect your chances of picking the loan products off our shelves. Considering your income and outgoings, and unique financial circumstances, a decision will be made. In line with the instant generation, once approved, you'll be funded within an hour or at most within 24 hours. So, why wait in long queues when coveted pounds can be yours at the click of a button?

Can I Apply For Loans If I Have Bad Credit?

Your history of managing credit is the first thing that comes to mind when you have no choice but to borrow. Now, many times lead providers (brokers) would suggest you to a lender who gives them a high commission. If you have bad credit, you'll be made to pay more because of all those times you defaulted or ran up arrears in the past. This is however not as it should be. We are a small loans direct lender and don't judge you on your credit score alone. With us, your credit rating is no longer a hindrance as we assess your affordability and comprehend your situation in detail. If you pass such other criteria, we'd be glad to lend to you!

Am I Eligible For a Small Payday Loan From Direct Lenders?

To avail the benefit of our small payday loans, you must fulfil the following few criteria:
filter_1 At least 18 years of age
filter_2 Full-time or part-time employment
filter_3 UK resident and have a debit card linked to a UK bank account
filter_4 Honestly and fully fill out our application
filter_5 Valid UK mobile number and email address

Please note: Although we'll examine whether you possess repayments affordability, you should be a responsible borrower too! Be realistic and don't take on an amount you can't afford.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Direct lenders usually set a certain borrowing limit as per their company policy. If you're looking for instant small loans and are new to us, we allow any sum £500 to £20,000. If you're a returning customer, we give you the privilege to borrow up to £50,000. Feel free to apply to us if you’re fed up of high-street banks turning you down. Small loans can be repaid on the next payday or in instalments.

How Fast Can I Get The Money?

If time is what you don’t have on your hands, loans direct lenders are your best recourse. That’s because direct lenders approve and fund small loans on an hourly basis with no extra charges. A broker, on the other hand, will probably take his own sweet time as they have to first sell your application to a direct lender of their choice. Thus, you lose time as well as money on the fees they charge for their services. The fastest route to cheap payday loans is always "direct".


How Much Does It Cost To Borrow?

Usually, the cost of borrowing small loans is the APR. This is the Annual Percentage Rate for a period of 12 months. As short term loans are given at high interest rates, their APR may run into thousands scaring you away. But, don't worry, as your concern is only the total amount you owe the lender. The FCA has placed a cap by which no direct lender can charge more than 0.8% interest per day for any credit product. We make it very easy for you to understand what you’re signing up for. You may not distinguish brokers’ websites masquerading as payday loans direct lenders UK. So, always verify the authenticity of a direct lender before you contact them.

Do I Need To Have a Guarantor?

We never ask you for a guarantor. Having a guarantor means you get a better deal with a cheaper interest rate. At the same time, it means a lot of time and unnecessary paperwork. So, no guarantor loans are the ideal option when you need a few hundred pounds instantly and directly. Keep in mind that payday loans are unsecured debt, so they are best utilized as a short-term solution to cash woes. Yet, if you can spare some extra time, it’s worthwhile getting a family member or close friend to back you up in the case you can’t repay.

What Are The Benefits Of Borrowing From Us?

looks_one Flexible small loans up to £20,000
looks_two Simply apply on our secure website
looks_3 Loan transfer within minutes
looks_4 No third party between you and us, repay any time
looks_5 Excellent customer service, Save on broker fees
looks_6 Maintain confidentiality of personal data

Will I Get Payday Loans Direct Lenders’ Without A Credit Check?

As per FCA regulations, lenders are under an obligation to conduct a credit scan and affordability scan before giving small loans. Responsible lending means that a direct lender can’t get your commitment to a deal that you possibly can’t afford to repay. Thus, even though we look at your credit file, we don’t think your credit score should impact your borrowing chances. The term ‘loans direct lenders for bad credit with no credit check’ is, therefore, quite untrue.

Can I Get an Instant Pay-out With Loans Direct from Lenders?

Yes, of course! Going through a broker increases the number of steps and consequently the time taken to receive funds in your bank account. If you’re on the search for instant loans direct lenders, it’s possible with us. From approval till funding, it takes just a few hours because of quick processing of applications. This ensures that you have the money when you have the utmost need for it. There’s no point in taking out a loan if you can’t pay the expense or bill on time.

Are Online Loans Available From Direct Lenders?

Borrowing and lending largely happens online these days. It’s always preferable to choose an online direct lender like us instead of a broker. Because you deal directly with a lender, it keeps costs down and the whole process runs smoothly. Before you take a decision, think about how much money you need and what type of short term loan you want to borrow for it. We also suggest that you shop for the best interest rates. Above we’ve answered all the FAQs about ‘small loans direct lenders’ and our online application form is simple to fill in and submit. We aim to transfer money within a span of a few hours.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you want a payday loan or instalment loan, make sure you apply on a responsible direct lender’s website. If you have doubts even after doing your research, we would be happy to help choose the right loan for you. Being a premium lender, our products include online no guarantor short term loans. We are fully authorized by FCA and consider loan requests from people with bad credit seriously. You can get quick payday loans up to £1,000 in just an hour. Save time, apply now!


What we offer

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Personal loans up to £20,000, no upfront fees!

Secured Loans

Secured Loans up to £500,000 against your property, low-interest rate!

Payday Loans

Instant loan up £1100 before your payday, no paperwork, same day funding!

LogBook Loans

Up to £50,000 cash, you can unlock using your old car's logbook, get it now!

No Guarantor Loans

Loan without guarantor is available, easy borrowing any time!


Wisdom financial offer a wide range for mortgage deal to new buyers.



Unsecured Loans

Up to £20,000
Without any guarantor
No broker fees


Secured Loans

Up to £500,000
Lowest interest rate
Very Bad credit accepted


Payday Loans

Up to £1000
Instant approval
Same day funding

What our customers say

How do I choose the right loan for me?

Up to £1000

Payday Loans

No guarantor Needed

No Fees

Bad Credit ok

Must be employed

Need a valid Bank account

Up to £20,000

Unsecured Loans

Loan for non-homeowners

Very quick approval

Available with/ without a guarantor

Best for Employed and self-employed

Get money for any purpose

Up to £500,000

Secured Loans

Lowest interest rate

Any credit score accepted

Long term loans

95% of your property value

No guarantor required


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